20 April 2011

Inaugural post

Now that I've left Oblong Industries, I have time to write a blog.  I plan to post on programming, build systems, and software engineering in general.  I plan to express my opinions as well as present facts I wish I'd known.  These facts will rarely be discoveries, i.e. most of them will be widely known already.  For those widely-known facts, I hope to add some value by presenting them in a way I wish had existed.  Perhaps that will be a useful theme: "facts I wish I'd known, presented in a way I wish had existed."

1 comment:

  1. I feel compelled to note that not only have I not posted as much as I had planned (I imagine few bloggers do), I have also strayed not just widely but postively wildly from the original topics outlined in the inaugural post. Oh well. In the interest of preserving history I decided to comment upon it here rather than edit the inaugural post.