30 June 2011

Places in the Autobiography of William Henry Donner

This post is not that interesting unless used as a reference alongside the book.  It is a list of links to Google Maps of places mentioned in the book.

Stuttgart, Germany
Pittsford, New York
Mossley, England
Franklin St & 8th St, Columbus, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hope, Indiana
Hanover College
North Vernon, Indiana
Jeffersonville, Indiana
New Albany, Indiana
Louisville, Indiana
Sycamore St & 5th St, Columbus, Indiana (This address appears to no longer exist so I've mapped Sycamore & 6th.)
Hastings, Nebraska
Gas City, Indiana
Monessen, PA
Charleroi, PA
Donora, PA
Cerro de Pasco, Peru (Note "Open-pit Mine.")
Oroya, Peru (I have mapped "La Oroya" since that seems more likely what he meant given its location between Lima and Cerro de Pasco)
Buffalo, New York

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