15 September 2011

Pestering cruise offer robo-call

Anybody else getting this robo-call?
On behalf of Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebration Cruise Lines, your household has been selected to receive an all-inclusive cruise. For fun in the sun, press "one;" to be removed, please press "two." Again, to speak to an agent, please press the "one" key.
We get it about once a week. I've tried to be removed by pressing "two" but it has not worked. Of course the number is blocked, which is not allowed. Also we are on the "Do Not Call" list so they should not be calling in the first place.


  1. As it happens I get the call on my cell phone weekly. I not only put both our home phone and my cell phone on DNC, I registred a federal complaint about this call, and gave the number. They still called again but hopefully it will stop.

  2. Ooh cell phone too, that's worse! I filed an FCC online complaint, too. We can only hope it will help.